Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Resolutions for 2013

Happy New Year to everyone!

I hope you spent an enjoyable last day of 2012 with your loved ones!

Anyone except me who is still making New Year's resolutions?
Some resolutions are oldies but goldies - they accompany you each and every year and still you are too weak to stick to them so they get back on the list again!

This year I thought I would outsmart myself, so when I got a terrible cold over Christmas I quit smoking. I was planning on doing it anyways and I quit for a good 2 months in 2012 so I figured while I was coughing my lungs out, I could get a head start on my resolutions and quit while I had the chance.

So first resolution is already in progress:

1. Quit smoking and stick with it!

another good resolution I am recycling from last year involves organizing, eating healthy and being frugal. I want to try 1 new-to-me recipe from a cookbook or cook-blog each week of 2013. And I mean trying it all the way including all spices and not improvising like I usually do. I did this for part of 2012, lost track in between and got back to it later. It gave me some great new ideas and meals we love.
So at the end of 2013 there should be 52 recipes that I have tried and discussed on this blog.

2. Conquer the Kitchen!

the third resolution is rather simple. I have followed flylady for some time and I am reading organizing blogs of very self-disciplined mothers who seem to have things totally under control. I am not like that. But a german saying is: "We all just cook with water." So I want to get things cooking in 2013 and establish a routine that I can stick with.

3. stick to your Routine! 

so if you are up for it lets meet here in 52 weeks and see how far I have come!

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