Thursday, January 3, 2013

Remember the Milk!

 So I am still working on getting more organized.

There are a bunch of tools and blogs and coaches out there on the net to help you plan out your procrastination - isn't that awesome?

My main problem is that things get too much too quickly and I lose track, I also feel that I just recently vaccuumed. like, I don't know - yesterday.

Don't they have an app for that? They do.

Remember the Milk!

What I like about it:
  • I can enter all the lists that I find on the net without printing out each and every one from all blogs
  • it has a nagging feature for e-mail and phone (I do not own a smartphone but it should still work fine)
  • it is free and easy to use
 but: the best thing ever is that I do not have to do everything today.
I do not even have to decide when I want to not clean the fridge! *grin*
I just put it on my list and then I enter the repeat that I want to do this in.

This is what I have set up!

For example:
some time in the near future I need to defrost and clean the freezer. so I add this task to my list and then *after 3 months - so whenever I get to it, I can check it off the list and the program will remember that 3 months after I did this, I am planning to do it again! and it will e-mail me to remind me!

I know for all you organized people this is not impressive but for me it is a huge help. I can enter all kinds of rotations and then build my routine on this.

So bear with me people, it's only January 3rd...

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